The Adrenaline Rooms are the first of their kind and are found only at Frightmare Farms Haunted SCREAM Park. In partnership with the creative minds at the Museum of Intrigue, this LIMITED  onsite ticketed event is an interactive exhilarating gaming experience. You and a group of guests have 7 minutes to find the necessary items before evil is unleashed. Each room is differently themed. 

Try them both for a true adrenaline rush! 

Only a LIMITED number of tickets will be available each night and this add-on gaming experience is bookable at the box office on-site,  first come, first serve.

See No Evil

Will you survive a room with a monster? Get your blood pumping as you navigate the small and twisted space with a blind monster. Collect vials in a limited time to get the highest score, but be careful and quiet- the creature is listening to your every move and will get you if it can.

See No Evil is a 7-minute puzzle adventure like no other. Will you get the highest score of the night?

The Flesh

Enter the saloon of doom as a zombie is unleashed to follow you. Solve puzzles and find the antidote before it eats you alive, or perhaps find something else it likes to eat more than human flesh...

The Flesh is a 7-minute battle of bravery and wits. Will you get the highest score of the night?