The Condemned Mine Trail presents The Forgotten

For decades, the Whitaker family has been dumping cursed artifacts and other forbidden items that are too dangerously evil to be kept indoors. Over the passage of time, it has deteriorated into a festering pile of evil that continues to attract a terrifying guild of monstrous scavengers. They’ve staked their claim to these now haunted grounds. Do you dare walk through what now remains?

The Twisted Labyrinth presents Blood Moon Rising

The professor's most recent collection of creatures has been unleashed like never before! The twist and turns of the infamous Labyrinth reveal that there is something new lurking behind every corner! Hungry and thirsty for blood, the creatures have made the labyrinth their new hunting ground! Their screams and howls can no longer be silenced... and neither will yours!

The Reckoning, Revenge of Miriam Whitaker

Legends spoke of Miriam's walled-off tortured victims, tales told to keep children in line. Finally, the truth has been recently discovered. With it, releasing evil, stopping nothing in its path to reclaim the estate as its rightful heir.

Frightmare Forest Haunted Hayride

Within the foothills of the sprawling Whitaker Estate lays a dormant town whose secrets are as haunting as the murderers and vagabonds who tortured the now-departed! Was it bloodthirst, thrill of the kill, or supernatural forces that bring nightly screams to this once sleepy town? The professor is willing to share his twisted tails, but only with those brave enough to venture into Frightmare Forest!