The Condemned Mine Trail presents The Bog

Apex Pharmaceuticals has spent years harnessing natural elements from an ancient bog. Finally, this new anti-aging drug has been tested and is ready to reverse the natural aging process. Get ready to tour the facility and discover the mysteries of the Bog.

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The Twisted Labyrinth presents Overgrowth

Last year's harvest yielded more than just crops; rancid seedlings and malignant vines have overtaken the walls of the Museum of Fright!  A hoard of the most gruesome gourds has stepped up to ensure the infestation stays deeply rooted. These lords and their minions are determined to grow more powerful.  Drawing life from victims, the Gourd Lords are quickly preparing for the takeover.  Will you survive their harvesting acts or become entangled by…the Gourd Lords?

The Reckoning, Revenge of Miriam Whitaker

Legends spoke of Miriam's walled-off tortured victims, tales told to keep children in line. Finally, the truth has been recently discovered. With it, releasing evil, stopping nothing in its path to reclaim the estate as its rightful heir.

Frightmare Forest Haunted Hayride

Within the foothills of the sprawling Whitaker Estate lays a dormant town whose secrets are as haunting as the murderers and vagabonds who tortured the now-departed! Was it bloodthirst, thrill of the kill, or supernatural forces that bring nightly screams to this once sleepy town? The professor is willing to share his twisted tails, but only with those brave enough to venture into Frightmare Forest!