How many people in a group can go together?
Our show is designed for groups of up to 5 people but allows your entire group to enter together if desired.

I purchased online tickets; can I skip the line?
Pre-purchasing your tickets online allows you to skip the general admission line at the box office. You MUST still enter the pre-purchase/VIP ticket line to pick up your tickets. Be prepared to show your tickets on your phone or print a QR code.

Do you have a waiting area?
We have a midway area with campfires, concessions, and movie screenings. Enjoy this area while you wait for your group, catch your breath, grab a bite to eat, snap a photo with friends, or just warm up by the fire and listen to the screams!

Is it scary?
Our attractions are where your most FRIGHTMARES become a reality. There are four awarded attractions, each with its ever-changing, unique backstory, characters, and themes. 

But is it really scary?
Fear is relative. We do our best by creating some of the scariest haunted attractions in Upstate New York. We offer a candlelight option to those who need a little protection from our night creatures. The free candlelight option is available at the box office before 9 p.m. and cannot be used on the hayride.

If I'm in line at closing time, will I still get in?
Yes, as long as there are customers, we will stay open.

Is there a different price for children?
Because it is not recommended for small children, there is only one general admission price.

Will the actors touch me?
We have a "no touch" policy - you don't touch us, we don't touch you. Unfortunately, due to the very dim lighting inside the haunts, you may occasionally come into accidental contact with one of our staff. Our monsters will not intentionally grab you.

Are there medical limitations to entering?
We do not recommend visiting our attraction if you are pregnant, have any heart conditions, are prone to seizures, have any lung conditions, or cannot walk through the attractions. We use fog, strobe lights, and special effects in our attractions.

Is there an age limit?
Although no specific age restrictions exist, children under twelve should be accompanied by an adult.  We do not recommend our attractions for children aged 8 or younger.

What time do the attractions usually open?
Earlier in the month, while it is lighter out, the attractions may open closer to 7-715 p.m., and at 7 p.m. by the end of Oct. The house generally opens by 7 pm. Our box office begins selling tickets at 6:45 pm. If you Pre-purchase tickets online, the box office will open this exclusive line earlier than the general admission ticket line.

If I get too scared to make it through an attraction, can I get a refund?
No. You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few rooms and want to leave, we've done what you paid us to do very quickly. Be happy with prompt service!

Do you offer group discounts?
Group rates are available for groups over 15 in advance. Please call 844-FRIGHT-1  and choose the group discount option to speak with a staff member.

Are you handicap-accessible?
Most of our walking attractions are not accessible by wheelchair. We also encourage no assistive walking devices since our outside attractions have steeper terrains and uneven grounds. The haunted house has tight passageways as well. The hayride attraction may be able to accommodate wheelchairs. Please call us for more information before visiting. We also have remote parking. If you arrive on a busier night, our remote lots may require a 10 to 15-minute walk to get to our entry. If you require special assistance, please ask a parking attendant, and they will radio for a shuttle.

Are your attractions open if it rains?
We are open rain or moonshine. In severe inclement weather, we may need to close the outdoor attractions temporarily or close for treacherous weather conditions. Please dress for the weather, we do have some sheltered areas, but we are mostly an outdoor attraction.

How long does it take to go through?
It averages 50-70 minutes to navigate through all four haunted attractions. Some evening wait times can reach up to 75 min, particularly on the third Saturday of the month.  

Do your attractions have security?
Our attractions have a fully trained security staff that keeps things running smoothly. We also have Oswego County Sheriff Deputies, EMS, and Fire personnel on duty during our show.

Is it the same as last year?
Absolutely NOT. The show changes every year, sometimes from weekend to weekend!  We keep some of the more popular scenes, but each attraction's backstories are ever-changing. Each of our staple attractions (Estate, Labyrinth, Trail, and Hayride) has its own unique backstory, all that revolves around the main character, the infamous Professor Whitaker. We work year-round to bring you the best experience possible and to help create family traditions of visiting our attraction.

Do you sell food, beverages, and souvenirs at your attractions?
Yes! We sell everything from food to T-shirts to other unique one-of-a-kind souvenirs; many items are handmade by our creative staff and sell out quickly. Visit our concession stands in the midway or look for the Trinkets and Treasures gift shop!

Can we take flash photos or videos of your haunted houses?
NO! Haunted houses are dark and it takes everyone, especially the actors' eyes, to adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera, you’re not only ruining other customers' experience, but you're hurting the actors' eyes. Also, no other recording devices are allowed (video cameras, etc,...).But there are plenty of areas to take group photo shots. 

Can I hit the actors, take the props, destroy the rooms, or come through the attractions drunk or stoned?
You should ask the police on duty this question. We take the safety of our staff and our guests very seriously. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We have a list of rules that must be followed for your own safety and the safety of others.

What are your Covid safety measures?
Your safety has always been our number one priority at Frightmare Farms Haunted SCREAM Park. COVID-19 is an inherent risk wherever people are gathered.